Really Good Greek Salad

How cliché is it to have a Greek salad on Chanukah? Honestly I was thinking of what to pair with my fried raviolis and this salad came to mind. It’s easy to make, refreshing, and you know the name ties in nicely with the holiday theme. So here you have it, a really good Greek

Chanukah Sugar Cookies

Have you baked up a batch of cookies yet for Chanukah? I confess we’ve baked 2 batches already…and it’s not even Chanukah until next week!! For me, Chanukah sugar cookies bring back childhood memories of our blue and white silicone mat that we rolled out for special holiday baking and bowls of sweet colored sugar.

One Pot Penne alla Vodka

I know you don’t need a good excuse to eat pasta now, but how about a one pot penne alla vodka?? That’s right, everything including raw noodles, is dumped into one pot. It can’t get easier then this! What do I need: Penne noodles- Classic. Ya know, like the name. Tomato sauce Milk- I prefer

Beef Minestrone Soup

Oh hello November. The temperatures are dropping and I’m looking for comforting and hearty meals to ward off the cold. This beef minestrone soup is actually an old recipe that was on the blog for a few years, and I decided it needed some love. New photos and a little makeover. It’s such a delicious

Easy Homemade Cinnamon Buns

Whenever the weather gets a little dreary, I’m rolling up my sleeves to make my easy homemade cinnamon buns. The smell of them baking alone, is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy all around. As the weather cools down, this is definitely a delicious treat that you’ll want to make. For a special

My Classic Chicken Soup

A good chicken soup recipe is often a hand me down that’s jotted down on a little scrap of paper. Soon enough, you learn it by heart. Often, you’ll make your own tweaks and changes to suit your family. My classic chicken soup recipe started from my Mom, got inspiration from my sister, then became

Apple and Honey Board for Rosh Hashanah

Here’s a quick excerpt from my brain on how I decided to post an apple and honey board for Rosh Hashanah. I myself find it interesting to hear the story behind a dish, or the events that led someone to create what they did. If it’s not your thing, you can continue your scroll! This

Everything Bagel Roasted Haricot Verts

To be honest, it was never in the plans to write up a post for this everthing bagel roasted haricot verts recipe. It was a quick and easy side that I made from time to time….When suddenly I started making it all the time. It was just so good, and we really enjoyed it. Soon

The Best Overnight Potato Kugel

It took me way longer then I’ll admit to perfect my potato kugel recipe. It turns out that the texture is a huge factor, as well as using simple quality ingredients. Over time, my potato kugel became the best overnight potato kugel. I realized that’s the way I like it best. The rich dark color,

3 easy summer cocktails

If you know me from Instagram, you’ll know I love a good cocktail. I have a bar cart stocked with the basics, plus a couple cocktail making tools so I can whip up something when the craving hits. I know not everyone has a selection of bar equipment or cocktail ingredients. That’s why I’m sharing

Fresh Homemade Falafel

It took me until 18/19 years old to realize that good falafel was a beautiful green inside. Of course, that happened in Israel, where falafel is basically everywhere. According to my childhood, falafel came in a blue box. How different can fresh falafel even be?? Uhm, way better, I soon found out. It’s really not

Brisket Loaded Fries

Brisket loaded fries is one of our favorite dishes from a local takeout! I thought it would be nice to recreate it at home. Personally, I’m not a HUGE fan of barbeque sauce. Yes, I just said that. There is one exception, and that is my homemade sauce. It’s really easy to whip together and

3 easy grilling sauces

Happy July 4th weekend! The secret to a good dish is often in the sauce. When debating what recipe to share for this holiday weekend, I thought 3 easy grilling sauces would be the most beneficial! Take what your already planning to make, and kick it up a notch. I’ve included recipes for a homemade

Thin Crust Margherita Pesto Pizza

I make pizza at least once a week for my kids. The dough is so simple to make, and so quick to rise, it’s no big deal. When my kids get home from school, we often make the dough together. Then, I stick my pizza stone into the oven and we head out to ride

Charcuterie Boards for Any Occasion

I love a good board because they are so customizable and especially easy when feeding crowd of people! Here is a collection of my favorite charcuterie boards for any occasion with all their details, plus some tips for arranging your own. What is a charcuterie board? Charcuterie boards are traditionally appetizer and snack type foods

EASY Baked Cream Cheese Pasta

Have you’ve seen the great Tik-Tok trend of baking a chunk of feta in the middle of a sea of tomatoes? It rocked the social media food world, and for good reason! The dish is super easy to prepare, made with minimally processed ingredients, and tastes incredible. Last month, I was working with Norman’s yogurt

Foil Packet Sausage and Potatoes

Have you been firing up the grill often? This past week, I made dinner on the grill almost every night! It’s easy, delicious, and you don’t make too much of a mess in the kitchen. I’m so excited to give you this brand new foil packet sausage and potatoes recipe! I buy a pack of

Iced Passion Tea Lemonade

It’s official, the hot weather is here to stay! It’s actually been very hot for over a week now, without even a drop of rain. The other day, I got a big iced tea at the Starbucks drive thru. It was so refreshing, it prompted me to buy a box of passion tea, and make

Apple Crumble Cheesecake

It’ the holiday of cheesecake, flowers, and all the dairy goodness. I decided to combine a cheesecake with the dessert that so many people make every week for Shabbos. This apple crumble cheesecake is the ULTIMATE Shavuos dessert! I topped mine with ice cream and a little drizzle of caramel sauce. You know I’m extra

Peanut Cold Noodle Salad

The great thing about a peanut cold noodle salad, is that it’s good for so many occasions. A BBQ side dish, a Shabbos day salad, a dinner paired with grilled chicken… It’s just one of those salads you want to keep in your back pocket, and make over and over again! Here’s what you need

Skillet Brownie S’Mores

Lag BaOmer is coming up! It’s a joyous day on the Jewish calendar that is celebrated with bonfires and time spent outdoors, often including a BBQ. That’s where these skillet brownie smores come in. It’s a quick and delicious non-dairy dessert that is perfect to end any BBQ this season! Ingredients you’ll need Fudgy brownie

Grilled Wings with Mango BBQ Sauce

I can’t believe it’s already Spring! The trees are blooming and the really warm sweaters are tucked away. Grilling season has arrived! These grilled wings with mango BBQ sauce will knock your socks off. Not because they are spicy, but because they are TOO GOOD. It’s a recipe you’ll want to keep in your back

Gluten Free Blondie Bars

Move over brownies! JK, brownies are very important, but it’s equally as important to have a couple batches of REALLY good blondie bars to balance out the Pesach baking. Enter these Gluten Free Blondie Bars. They are simple to make, and taste amazing. I mean, I’ve tasted quite a few batches of these, so I

Ultimate Pesach Breakfast Spread

We all know that Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This couldn’t be more true on Pesach when Chol Hamoed usually consists of a long outing with the family, with no lunch options, other than what you brought with you from home! (Matzah and cream cheese sandwiches anyone?) That’s where

Sourdough and Shabbos dips

Come Thursday and Friday, I’ll be in my kitchen making a fresh loaf of sourdough and Shabbos dips. There are few things as delicious as a homemade loaf of bread and something yummy to enjoy it with! All of the dips are made without mayonnaise and with wholesome ingredients. It’s amazing what you can make

The Perfect Hamantaschen Recipe

Are you also guilty of searching for the perfect hamantaschen recipe? Funny story, I ruffled through my old recipe book from my pre-culinary school days where I jotted down good recipes from friends and family. I came across the recipe for hamantaschen and saw that it called for 3 sticks of margarine. OY VEY! That

Edible Funfetti Cookie Dough

Who has a hard time resisting a bite of cookie dough when your making cookies? My daughter does. She’s totally inherited my husband’s sweet tooth. I always joke with her with a line from a song, “You can’t make cookies if you eat all the cookie dough!” So true. Unless you are making this edible

Asian Style Chicken Meatballs

We’re always looking for new recipes to add to the dinner rotation. I mean who isn’t?? Just like everybody else, we have that list of foods that our family will not eat. I’m always looking for a new way to incorporate chicken, because bone-in chicken is a no-no here. (although I must pipe in, that

Easy Homemade Apple Cider

This easy homemade apple cider recipe is actually an old recipe of mine, from back in the day. So old, that the photo attached to it completely horrified me. I was home for Sukkos this year (like so many of you) and I dug up my recipe for this homemade apple cider. I thought that

Easy Beef Lo Mein

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of homemade Chinese American food. It’s easy, quick, and hits all the cravings. Whenever I order beef lo mein for takeout, I find it skimpy on the beef. I WANT LOTS OF BEEF! So it just came time to make my own easy beef lo mein recipe.

Easy Sticky Toffee Pudding

It’s not often that I get to sample a brand new dish that I’ve never heard of before. That’s exactly what happened at my sister in laws wedding in London last year. Dessert was off the charts. It was…sticky toffee pudding! As an American Jewish girl I never had it before, and I was amazed.

Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls

This chicken fajita rice bowl is packed with spiced juicy chicken strips, peppers, fluffy rice, and your choice of assorted delicious toppings!

Maple Facon Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I think brussel sprouts are one of those vegetables you have a love or hate relationship with, and no in between. I started eating them a few years ago, as my food adventures expanded, and fell in love. This maple facon roasted brussel sprouts recipe came about while I was looking for a way to

Better for you banana bread

“Are you sick of banana bread?” I asked on Instagram a few weeks ago. The majority of you answered no, so this post is for all of you! After running out of every other oil except olive oil, I decided to healthify my whole recipe and here we are with my better for you banana

Weeknight Sausage Frittata

Frittata has been a dish I remember about every couple of weeks or so and I say “Hey, I got no ideas for dinner. Let’s make a frittata!” I usually summon up whatever is in my fridge and serve it with a salad or some roasted green beans. Easy. This weeknight sausage frittata is so

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This pumpkin bundt cake is the perfect introduction to fall! It’s topped with a cinnamon maple glaze that just takes it over the top! Confession: I am NOT pumpkin obsessed. However, I do love a slice of pumpkin pie or the occasional pumpkin spice latte. I decided I needed to have a good pumpkin bundt

Simanim Salad for Rosh Hashanah

I was thinking about what to serve for the first day meal, when this simanim salad for Rosh Hashanah came to mind. We will without a doubt have leftover simanim that we worked so hard to prepare, label, and neatly stack in the fridge. So I thought we should give them one last hurrah with

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Challah

Are you a cinnamon raisin lover like me? I love the toasted bagel version with a shmear of cream cheese. That was my inspiration behind creating a whole wheat cinnamon raisin challah recipe! Why whole wheat? The reason I chose to use whole wheat, is because I like the nuttiness that it brings to the

The Best Monster Cookies

I’ve learned that the kids need entertainment AFTER camp. “What are we doing today?!” My daughter always asks at pick-up time. Uhm, wait why do you still have so much energy?! Yesterday we went to Target, that was fun, but more like a once a month or once a year kinda thing with kids. So

Healthier Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

As I type this post up, I’m sitting here with a steaming mug of hazelnut Taster’s Choice (the only instant hot coffee I will drink) and the last of the healthier banana chocolate chip muffins. Oops. My daughter will not be pleased. She has eaten so many of these muffins already, I wouldn’t be surprised

Cold Brew Coffee at Home

The whole idea of making cold brew coffee at home was first introduced to us when we were in Chicago hanging out at my friend Aliza’s house. She had set up cakes, cookies, and most importantly, a cold brew station complete with flavored syrups and assorted milks. It was delicious. I needed to know how

Buttery Blueberry Crumble Bars

Blueberry season is rolling in and theses buttery blueberry crumble bars are the perfect thing to bake with that big container of blueberries that you just bought. They are easy to put together and oh so delicious! I love that this recipe is made with simple baking ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

Crispy Sesame Chicken

I got an astounding vote this past Friday regarding my crispy sesame chicken recipe. I posted a poll late Friday afternoon, as I was cooking, if I should share the recipe. The poll got well over 300 votes for “YES” before Shabbos rolled in at sundown! The people want the recipe! You shall get the

Double Chocolate Loaf Cake

Hey there. Hope your all doing well. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around in the kitchen (who am I kidding, I always do that..) Now I have my 5 year old daughter along for the ride. We’ve been making a whole bunch of “kids friendly” snacks and foods. (Check out my highlight

Easy BBQ Cranberry Meatballs

I made these easy BBQ cranberry meatballs for Purim this year because I needed an easy recipe that I could throw together for the meal we were hosting with friends. I figured I’d make a big pot of them and serve a pan along with the appetizer food we were planning on having throughout the

Passover Chocolate Almond Biscotti

A lot of people are home for Pesach this year, unexpectedly. The trip we had planned to take to visit our family in London will have to take place some other time. As I type up this Passover chocolate almond biscotti recipe, I am simultaneously trying to jot down what kitchen equipment I’ll need to

Beef and Broccoli Ramen

This beef and broccoli with ramen recipe has been a dinner staple for so long, I’ve never actually thought to share it! Which is silly considering we’re all ALWAYS looking for another yummy dinner idea to add to our rotations. It definitely takes a couple pots and a pan to whip this up, but once

Hazelnut and Chocolate Granola

As I type this, a batch of this hazelnut and chocolate granola is baking in my oven. I can’t even describe to you how good it smells in my house. Homemade granola in general just gives off such an incredible aroma! I remember baking it one morning and my daughter came downstairs and proclaimed, “Mommy

Rich Chocolate Pomegranate Tart

It’s actully the kids dinner time as I sit down to discuss this rich chocolate pomegranate tart with you. Usually, you can’t catch from 3-6 pm. I’m busy building forts and wiping meatball faces. Today, my baby decided she was SO TIRED she couldn’t stay up a minute longer and promptly fell asleep. While most

Lemony Loaf Cake 2.0

Let’s start off with the name lemony loaf cake 2.0. Did you every have a staring contest with the Starbucks lemon loaf cake? For some reason it’s just the perfect treat to pair with your coffee. Being a kosher consumer, staring is the farthest I got. Until, I made my own lemony loaf cake back

How to build a Winter Cheeseboard

Nothing makes a good party great like an epic cheeseboard, and yes anyone can throw (an amazing) one together! I’ve been making them since 2015, and let me tell you.. they weren’t always so pretty. However, I realized that with a little understanding and research on how to build one, they now are well….you judge.

Fruit and Nut Crisps

Oh it’s been way too long since I’ve posted here (If you’ve missed me, you can find me here everyday) One of my 2020 goals however, is to really take this space to the next level. So hopefully you’ll see me around here more. Now on to the FOOD…truth is, I’ve been looking for these

Potato Leek Soup

Ever wonder how I come up with a recipe idea? Truth is, I’m not always so sure myself. I get inspiration from almost anywhere. Usually I see a dish somewhere, in a magazine, online, or in a restaurant and it gives me an idea. Once I get that idea stuck in my head, I MUST

Apple Crumble Bars

Another season, another crumble bar recipe. I’ve posted this recipe with a few variations including Cranberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Cherry Pie. I actually started this recipe with a batch of blueberry bars I made for a magazine article picnic feature. I guess next summer I’ll add the blueberry recipe to my blog! Here comes fall,

Apple Loaf Cake

It was literally 86 F when I recipe tested this apple loaf cake, but it got me SO IN THE MOOD for fall. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted to make it. So I literally threw it together between the chaos hours of after school and pre-dinner. I usually try

Mexican Chicken Burger

Ground chicken is hardly something I pick up from the grocery store. My most common main dish ingredients for dinner are ground beef and chicken cutlets (my husband is not a fan of chicken on the bone.) So. Boring. Believe me I’ve tried to convert him. I occasionally make a juicy whole roasted chicken and

Honey & Harissa Side of Salmon

Where does time go? It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe on my site, but for a very good reason! We had a delicious little girl a few weeks ago. Life’s been slowly getting back on track, and I’ve officially returned to the kitchen aka my office just in time for the holiday

KFP Lime Cheesecake Squares

I was hanging at my friend Sarah’s house the other week…I mean working. We were totally working. Anyways, she made an amazing lime cheesecake for Shavuos and I was photographing it. She told me to take it home, and I didn’t. (real smart move kid) A few days later, I was literally craving it. Forget

Fruity Grape Juice Sorbet

I tried the original version of this fruity grape juice sorbet the first year Yossi and I were married. We had flown into the UK (my first time) a few days before and now we were sitting around the table at my in-laws enjoying this refreshing dessert. My in-laws don’t eat many processed foods over

Best Pesach Crinkle Cookies

Oh it’s that time of year again. Purim has passed with the blink of an eye, and green patches of grass are popping up all over my backyard. My daughter came home super excited yesterday that she saw some white flowers growing…I don’t know how accurate that is, but spring has most definitely sprung! Every