Apple Crumble Cheesecake

It’ the holiday of cheesecake, flowers, and all the dairy goodness. I decided to combine a cheesecake with the dessert that so many people make every week for Shabbos. This apple crumble cheesecake is the ULTIMATE Shavuos dessert! I topped mine with ice cream and a little drizzle of caramel sauce. You know I’m extra

Peanut Cold Noodle Salad

The great thing about a peanut cold noodle salad, is that it’s good for so many occasions. A BBQ side dish, a Shabbos day salad, a dinner paired with grilled chicken… It’s just one of those salads you want to keep in your back pocket, and make over and over again! Here’s what you need

Skillet Brownie S’Mores

Lag BaOmer is coming up! It’s a joyous day on the Jewish calendar that is celebrated with bonfires and time spent outdoors, often including a BBQ. That’s where these skillet brownie smores come in. It’s a quick and delicious non-dairy dessert that is perfect to end any BBQ this season! Ingredients you’ll need Fudgy brownie

Grilled Wings with Mango BBQ Sauce

I can’t believe it’s already Spring! The trees are blooming and the really warm sweaters are tucked away. Grilling season has arrived! These grilled wings with mango BBQ sauce will knock your socks off. Not because they are spicy, but because they are TOO GOOD. It’s a recipe you’ll want to keep in your back

Gluten Free Blondie Bars

Move over brownies! JK, brownies are very important, but it’s equally as important to have a couple batches of REALLY good blondie bars to balance out the Pesach baking. Enter these Gluten Free Blondie Bars. They are simple to make, and taste amazing. I mean, I’ve tasted quite a few batches of these, so I

Ultimate Pesach Breakfast Spread

We all know that Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This couldn’t be more true on Pesach when Chol Hamoed usually consists of a long outing with the family, with no lunch options, other than what you brought with you from home! (Matzah and cream cheese sandwiches anyone?) That’s where

Sourdough and Shabbos dips

Come Thursday and Friday, I’ll be in my kitchen making a fresh loaf of sourdough and Shabbos dips. There are few things as delicious as a homemade loaf of bread and something yummy to enjoy it with! All of the dips are made without mayonnaise and with wholesome ingredients. It’s amazing what you can make

The Perfect Hamantaschen Recipe

Are you also guilty of searching for the perfect hamantaschen recipe? Funny story, I ruffled through my old recipe book from my pre-culinary school days where I jotted down good recipes from friends and family. I came across the recipe for hamantaschen and saw that it called for 3 sticks of margarine. OY VEY! That