Charcuterie Boards for Any Occasion

I love a good board because they are so customizable and especially easy when feeding crowd of people! Here is a collection of my favorite charcuterie boards for any occasion with all their details, plus some tips for arranging your own. What is a charcuterie board? Charcuterie boards are traditionally appetizer and snack type foods

EASY Baked Cream Cheese Pasta

Have you’ve seen the great Tik-Tok trend of baking a chunk of feta in the middle of a sea of tomatoes? It rocked the social media food world, and for good reason! The dish is super easy to prepare, made with minimally processed ingredients, and tastes incredible. Last month, I was working with Norman’s yogurt

Foil Packet Sausage and Potatoes

Have you been firing up the grill often? This past week, I made dinner on the grill almost every night! It’s easy, delicious, and you don’t make too much of a mess in the kitchen. I’m so excited to give you this brand new foil packet sausage and potatoes recipe! I buy a pack of

Iced Passion Tea Lemonade

It’s official, the hot weather is here to stay! It’s actually been very hot for over a week now, without even a drop of rain. The other day, I got a big iced tea at the Starbucks drive thru. It was so refreshing, it prompted me to buy a box of passion tea, and make

Apple Crumble Cheesecake

It’ the holiday of cheesecake, flowers, and all the dairy goodness. I decided to combine a cheesecake with the dessert that so many people make every week for Shabbos. This apple crumble cheesecake is the ULTIMATE Shavuos dessert! I topped mine with ice cream and a little drizzle of caramel sauce. You know I’m extra

Peanut Cold Noodle Salad

The great thing about a peanut cold noodle salad, is that it’s good for so many occasions. A BBQ side dish, a Shabbos day salad, a dinner paired with grilled chicken… It’s just one of those salads you want to keep in your back pocket, and make over and over again! Here’s what you need

Skillet Brownie S’Mores

Lag BaOmer is coming up! It’s a joyous day on the Jewish calendar that is celebrated with bonfires and time spent outdoors, often including a BBQ. That’s where these skillet brownie smores come in. It’s a quick and delicious non-dairy dessert that is perfect to end any BBQ this season! Ingredients you’ll need Fudgy brownie

Grilled Wings with Mango BBQ Sauce

I can’t believe it’s already Spring! The trees are blooming and the really warm sweaters are tucked away. Grilling season has arrived! These grilled wings with mango BBQ sauce will knock your socks off. Not because they are spicy, but because they are TOO GOOD. It’s a recipe you’ll want to keep in your back