Weeknight Meatloaf

Meatloaf was a dish I didn’t enjoy very much growing up. On a whim, I decided to try it my own way one night. Turns out, it’s delicious! Especially when served with a side of fluffy mashed potatoes and some crispy sautéed green beans. Weeknight meatloaf has now been added to the Goldstein dinner rotation.

One Pot Penne alla Vodka

I know you don’t need a good excuse to eat pasta now, but how about a one pot penne alla vodka?? That’s right, everything including raw noodles, is dumped into one pot. It can’t get easier then this! What do I need: Penne noodles- Classic. Ya know, like the name. Tomato sauce Milk- I prefer

Fresh Homemade Falafel

It took me until 18/19 years old to realize that good falafel was a beautiful green inside. Of course, that happened in Israel, where falafel is basically everywhere. According to my childhood, falafel came in a blue box. How different can fresh falafel even be?? Uhm, way better, I soon found out. It’s really not

Brisket Loaded Fries

Brisket loaded fries is one of our favorite dishes from a local takeout! I thought it would be nice to recreate it at home. Personally, I’m not a HUGE fan of barbeque sauce. Yes, I just said that. There is one exception, and that is my homemade sauce. It’s really easy to whip together and

Thin Crust Margherita Pesto Pizza

I make pizza at least once a week for my kids. The dough is so simple to make, and so quick to rise, it’s no big deal. When my kids get home from school, we often make the dough together. Then, I stick my pizza stone into the oven and we head out to ride

EASY Baked Cream Cheese Pasta

Have you’ve seen the great Tik-Tok trend of baking a chunk of feta in the middle of a sea of tomatoes? It rocked the social media food world, and for good reason! The dish is super easy to prepare, made with minimally processed ingredients, and tastes incredible. Last month, I was working with Norman’s yogurt

Foil Packet Sausage and Potatoes

Have you been firing up the grill often? This past week, I made dinner on the grill almost every night! It’s easy, delicious, and you don’t make too much of a mess in the kitchen. I’m so excited to give you this brand new foil packet sausage and potatoes recipe! I buy a pack of

Peanut Cold Noodle Salad

The great thing about a peanut cold noodle salad, is that it’s good for so many occasions. A BBQ side dish, a Shabbos day salad, a dinner paired with grilled chicken… It’s just one of those salads you want to keep in your back pocket, and make over and over again! Here’s what you need

Grilled Wings with Mango BBQ Sauce

I can’t believe it’s already Spring! The trees are blooming and the really warm sweaters are tucked away. Grilling season has arrived! These grilled wings with mango BBQ sauce will knock your socks off. Not because they are spicy, but because they are TOO GOOD. It’s a recipe you’ll want to keep in your back

Ultimate Pesach Breakfast Spread

We all know that Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This couldn’t be more true on Pesach when Chol Hamoed usually consists of a long outing with the family, with no lunch options, other than what you brought with you from home! (Matzah and cream cheese sandwiches anyone?) That’s where

Asian Style Chicken Meatballs

We’re always looking for new recipes to add to the dinner rotation. I mean who isn’t?? Just like everybody else, we have that list of foods that our family will not eat. I’m always looking for a new way to incorporate chicken, because bone-in chicken is a no-no here. (although I must pipe in, that

Easy Beef Lo Mein

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of homemade Chinese American food. It’s easy, quick, and hits all the cravings. Whenever I order beef lo mein for takeout, I find it skimpy on the beef. I WANT LOTS OF BEEF! So it just came time to make my own easy beef lo mein recipe.

Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls

This chicken fajita rice bowl is packed with spiced juicy chicken strips, peppers, fluffy rice, and your choice of assorted delicious toppings!

Weeknight Sausage Frittata

Frittata has been a dish I remember about every couple of weeks or so and I say “Hey, I got no ideas for dinner. Let’s make a frittata!” I usually summon up whatever is in my fridge and serve it with a salad or some roasted green beans. Easy. This weeknight sausage frittata is so

Crispy Sesame Chicken

I got an astounding vote this past Friday regarding my crispy sesame chicken recipe. I posted a poll late Friday afternoon, as I was cooking, if I should share the recipe. The poll got well over 300 votes for “YES” before Shabbos rolled in at sundown! The people want the recipe! You shall get the

Easy BBQ Cranberry Meatballs

I made these easy BBQ cranberry meatballs for Purim this year because I needed an easy recipe that I could throw together for the meal we were hosting with friends. I figured I’d make a big pot of them and serve a pan along with the appetizer food we were planning on having throughout the

Beef and Broccoli Ramen

This beef and broccoli with ramen recipe has been a dinner staple for so long, I’ve never actually thought to share it! Which is silly considering we’re all ALWAYS looking for another yummy dinner idea to add to our rotations. It definitely takes a couple pots and a pan to whip this up, but once

Mexican Chicken Burger

Ground chicken is hardly something I pick up from the grocery store. My most common main dish ingredients for dinner are ground beef and chicken cutlets (my husband is not a fan of chicken on the bone.) So. Boring. Believe me I’ve tried to convert him. I occasionally make a juicy whole roasted chicken and

Honey & Harissa Side of Salmon

Where does time go? It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe on my site, but for a very good reason! We had a delicious little girl a few weeks ago. Life’s been slowly getting back on track, and I’ve officially returned to the kitchen aka my office just in time for the holiday

Blender Banana Oat Pancakes

Happy Sunday! How are you holding up with the new year eating resolutions? In my last post, I told you that my focus this year is to eat foods that make me feel good, but with a balance. I AM going to have that slice of cake for dessert. I really think you can have

Butternut squash rice stuffed chicken capons with a sweet and tangy apple butter sauce. On a white plate with gold cutlery.

Butternut Squash Rice Stuffed Chicken Capons

Butternut squash rice stuffed chicken capons are the first real food I’ve added to the blog in a while. I only heard of capons when I moved to the east coast. It wasn’t really a thing back home in Chicago. In Israel, they were pergiyot. Something deliciously moist you could order at a fast food

Spiralized hot dog in a bun topped with sauerkraut, grainy mustard, and everything bagel spice on a piece of newspaper.

Grilled spiralized deli style hot dogs

  What the what?! Grilled spiralized deli style hot dogs is quite a mouthful. Get this, so is the actual hot dog. Sooo the history between the classic hot dog and myself is quite long…and frequent. They were basically my most favorite food until I grew up. (or until the calendar said  I did…) I

A bowl filled with rice and popcorn chicken.

Baked Pomegranate Chicken Poppers

    Who doesn’t love a good sticky batch of chicken poppers? When I was coming up with the concept for the pomegranate chicken poppers, I told my husband I want to make wings. He said, “Wings? Why would you make wings if I don’t like them? Make poppers!” Oh poppers. Duh. I hadn’t made

Alabama Wings with White BBQ sauce

I like my chicken wings only two ways. Grilled or fried. This is one of my favorite recipes! The baking powder helps give the skin a crunchy texture and the sauce, is not your typical BBQ sauce. It seeps into the chicken and gives it a richness and burst of tang! They sure know how

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

It ain’t a pizza party until you’ve had a real Chicago deep dish pizza.  The dough forms a deep thick crust and tucked inside is cheesy flavorful filling.  The  homemade sauce is then spread on top of the cheese with a sprinkle of magic-um Parmesan.  Up your pizza game people.   Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Gnocchi Di Ricotta

Gnocchi. Sounds so…….complicated. I’m sure you’ve had this at restaurants and  thought could never make it at home.  This recipe is a lighter version of gnocchi, made with creamy ricotta cheese. It takes much less time to make as there is no need to cook and mash potatoes before starting. It is a very soft

Harrissa and Honey Spatchcocked Chicken

  Winner winner chicken dinner after a full day of activities everyone wants to just sit down with the family and enjoy a good conversation over a delicious filling meal. Chicken on the bone is usually looked upon as the sad boring dinner. When you roast a whole chicken, the problem is that chicken breasts

Spicy Miami Ribs

Miami ribs is flanken sliced really thin. They are super tender (due to the fact they are from THE best part of the cow) and they cook super quickly. Grab a load of napkins. These spicy Miami ribs are every bit of the backyard BBQ food you’ve been craving all winter long. Spicy and slightly

Sausage Tagine

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post. I’m not sure what happened there…I got sick for a few days and at that point, just doing laundry became the biggest accomplishment of the day. Then came Thanksgiving, which we went all out on. If your following us on Instagram (@tomatoes_tomahtos) You’ll see

Fall Chicken Salad

Well….the holidays have come to an end (for now) and the washing machine has been viciously spinning for the past 24 hours. Im pretty sure my body still thinks it’s getting fed two insanely large meals a day because I’ve made a generous dent on the new goodies I stocked up on. I can’t say

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan cuisine always intrigued me because of its stark contrast to American cuisine. I love the flavors of dates and dried fruits in savory dishes. We did a lot of tagine recipe testing over last winter resulting in some really delicious and comforting stews. Hopefully this dish will get even the biggest Ashkenazi (like me)

Chicken With Figs and Olives

I love to make exciting fancy dinners. Sometimes. The problem is, it usually leaves me with a whole pile of dirty pots and pans with a trail of herbs and paper towels on my counter and mysterious bits of food sticking to the floor. That, I do not love. Not one bit. The best part