The Best Overnight Potato Kugel

It took me way longer then I’ll admit to perfect my potato kugel recipe. It turns out that the texture is a huge factor, as well as using simple quality ingredients. Over time, my potato kugel became the best overnight potato kugel. I realized that’s the way I like it best. The rich dark color, light crackles on the top, and the deep delicious potato flavor are too irresistible! There is also something to be said about the scent of kugel mingling with fresh coffee on Friday morning. So without further ado….

Potatoes Potahtos:

My favorite potatoes are Yukon golds. They aren’t overly starchy or waxy , making them a perfect middle of the road choice. They have a wonderful creamy texture. You can use regular russet potatoes if you would like, but the texture will be a bit different. Cut away any green parts of the potato, otherwise it will give off a bitter aftertaste.

Close up of yukon gold potatoes for the best overnight potato kugel.

Ingredients needed:

  • Yukon gold potatoes
  • Onion
  • Olive oil- This helps with moisture and flavor.
  • Water – This helps add moisture. Don’t be worried if the kugel has a lot of liquid. It should!
  • Eggs
  • Salt- I use kosher salt for the majority of my cooking.
Ingredients needed for the best overnight potato kugel.


You’ll need the “kugel” blade if you have a Braun, or a combination of the grater and S blade, if you have a regular food processor.

Food processor parts for the best overnight potato kugel.
The grater and S blades on a standard Kitchen Aid food processor.

Making the kugel:

Start by grating the potatoes and onion with the grater blade. Next, remove the grated potatoes mixture from the food processor bowl and transfer to another bowl. Fit the processor with the “S” blade, and transfer the potato mixture back. Pulse for 1-2 minutes until you achieve a texture that’s not grated, but not fully processed.

Here’s what it should look like:

Bowl of shredded potatoes and onion for the best overnight potato kugel.

Remove the potatoes mixture from the food processor and transfer them back to your large bowl. Add the eggs, olive oil, water and salt and pulse with the “S” blade for a few seconds. Pour over the potato mixture and mix well.

Transfer the kugel to a 9×13 pan.

Type of pan:

I like to use the disposable 9×13 pans for my overnight kugel. I find the kugel gets a darker color that way. It’s also very easy to seal the kugel properly for when it goes in the oven overnight. Simply cover the top with heavy duty foil, then add a foil pan lid on top of that.

Pan with raw kugel for the best overnight potato kugel.

Baking the best overnight potato kugel

Bake on 425F for 1 hour and 20-30 minutes until the kugel is deeply golden. You can feel free to enjoy it at this point, or continue on for the best overnight kugel.

Baked kugel for the best overnight potato kugel.

To “overnight” it, cover well with heavy duty foil and a foil pan lid. Place in a 200F oven for 8 hours.

The best overnight potato kugel with a piece cut out.

Enjoy that corner piece!!!

The Best Overnight Potato Kugel

The best overnight potato kugel recipe that's so irresistible, you might never make regular kugel again.
Course Side Dish
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours


  • Food processor


  • 8 medium yukon gold potatoes approximately 2.10 lbs
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 7 large eggs
  • 1 Tbsp kosher salt


  • Grate the potatoes and onions with the grater blade.
  • Remove the mixture and transfer to a large bowl. Fit the food processor with the S blade. (Alternatively process on speed 8 with the Braun) Transfer the mixture back to the food processor.
  • Pulse for about 1 minute. Transfer the mixture back to the bowl.
  • Process the remaining ingredients for 1-2 minutes.
  • Combine the liquid with the potato mixture in the bowl, and mix well.
  • Transfer to a pan and bake on 425 F for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Lower the oven temperature to 200F. Cover the foil pan with a sheet of foil and a foil pan lid.
  • Bake for 8 hours.

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    1. Hi! The reason I didn’t include weight is because it’s a little flexible. I’ve made it many times with all different size potatoes. Aim for medium…if the potatoes are small side, add another small one. It’s not too fussy. Next time I make it I will weigh them though so you can have an idea!

    2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I measured my potatoes this week and updated the weight in the ingredients. Enjoy the recipe!

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