T o m a t o e s

A bowl of This light spring minestrone soup on a plate with bread, water glass, and salt dish in the background.

Light Spring Minestrone Soup

  Happy Memorial Day weekend! If you’r living on the east coast you know we’ve already had our fair share of springtime showers. This weekend is no exception. On these days, I feel like having a cozy meal, but I still want to embrace spring! That’s where this light spring minestrone soup enters. So instead of […]

A bowl of coffee beans with some spilled out

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Basics

  I guess you could say it all started in the spring two years ago. That’s where the journey to this cold brew iced coffee basics began! We were in Chicago for Shavuos, hanging out at my friend Aliza’s house for a kiddush. She had a whole spread of cakes, and cookies. Most importantly, she […]

container with newspaper filled with macaroni cheese & ketchup balls

Macaroni Cheese & Ketchup Balls

  Okay let’s stop for a second. Macaroni cheese & ketchup balls? What. even. is. that. Also, like why? Well……see it’s a staple meal over here. Right, right, I know you all think i only cook gourmet meals and stuff. Spoiler alert. I do not. Especially when i’m starving! It’s the quickest to whip together […]

Strawberry Rhubarb crumble bars on a piece of parchment paper with fresh strawberries and mint

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

  Is there a happier moment then seeing the trees start to blossom and turn green? For me it ties with the spring and summer fruit and vegetables that slowly trickle in and fill up my grocery’s produce section. This strawberry rhubarb crumble bars recipe is perfect for celebrating Spring! It puts the spotlight on […]

Sliced bread next to cast iron pan

No Knead Bread ( Plus croutons!)

  No knead bread has been all the rage for some time now. It’s a really hands-off method to making beautiful bread at home. All you need, is a little time. ( anywhere from 15-21 hours total to be exact) I started making it months ago, for Friday night dinner. Turns out, we all loved […]

Oreo Rice Krispies Treats

  Hi all. I hope your finding some peace and quiet between all the Purim and Pesach prep.  Whatever it may be that gives you a moment to drink it all in and enjoy the moments, minus stress. I found it today,  dropping off my daughter at school. The rain was dancing on the roof […]

A fruit tart topped with fruits on the right side

Tu BiShvat Fruit Tart

  Every dish has it’s little story, wouldn’t you agree? I really really wanted to make a Tu BiShvat fruit tart, and fill it with silky pastry cream. Relive my culinary school days for a few. I found myself feeling a little lazy. I didn’t want to spend hours over a perfect little fruit tart. […]

A bowl filled with rice and popcorn chicken.

Baked Pomegranate Chicken Poppers

    Who doesn’t love a good sticky batch of chicken poppers? When I was coming up with the concept for the pomegranate chicken poppers, I told my husband I want to make wings. He said, “Wings? Why would you make wings if I don’t like them? Make poppers!” Oh poppers. Duh. I hadn’t made […]

A small jar filled with trail mix decorated with a twine bow and fresh thyme sprigs

Turkey Jerky Trail Mix

This turkey jerky trail mix comes with purpose. My husband runs a busy after work schedule. Many nights, you’ll find him training hard at the gym. For the most part, I like to keep his meals healthy with the occasional pizza or burger….gotta live a little you know?! Snacks are basically limited to veggie straws, […]

Glass with pink wine and a slice of blood orange on the glass. Faded slices of blood orange, a glass and a pitcher in the backgorund

Blood Orange and Pomegranate Sangria

This blood orange and pomegranate sangria is the perfect way to entertain this winter! I love hosting. It’s one of my favorite things to do! It’s definitely a lot of work though, so I try to find as many crowd pleasing recipes as possible. I want everyone to have something that they like and also […]