Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Challah

Are you a cinnamon raisin lover like me? I love the toasted bagel version with a shmear of cream cheese. That was my inspiration behind creating a whole wheat cinnamon raisin challah recipe! Why whole wheat? The reason I chose to use whole wheat, is because I like the nuttiness that it brings to the

Sliced bread next to cast iron pan

No Knead Bread ( Plus croutons!)

  No knead bread has been all the rage for some time now. It’s a really hands-off method to making beautiful bread at home. All you need, is a little time. ( anywhere from 15-21 hours total to be exact) I started making it months ago, for Friday night dinner. Turns out, we all loved


We all love flat breads of all sorts. It can be laffa from the Middle East, tortillas from Mexico, naan bread from India, or indeed our Italian favorite…focaccia! Focaccia (fu-cach-uh) could be used as a base for pizza. However, this dough differs from pizza dough mainly because of the fact that there is more levaning