Welcome to my blog. My name is Sara Goldstein, and I am half the madness behind Tomatoes Tomahtos. My serious culinary path began back in 2012 when I went to culinary school in the beautiful city of Jerusalem. I trained in classic French cuisine, with an Israeli kick. I also met my British other half, Yossi. The food memories that I experienced in Israel were unlike anything I had ever tasted or known being from a traditional Ashkenaz family growing up in Chicago. We married in 2013 and settled in the USA where we began cooking and baking to our hearts content.

It has been one culinary adventure to another as we dabble in multiple cuisines and explore my passion for food photography and styling. We’ve only just begun. There is still so much more we can’t wait to try and experience.

Thanks for taking the time to join us on our ride.  We hope these recipes build you, sustain you, and create everlasting memories with ones you love.